Suspended times, stretched, rolled over, unveiled, superposed, hidden, freed. The places are meeting each other, melt together, confound themselves between sleep and being awake, ephemeral and acquired.


Nature is vibrating, creates links between elements and man; sea, sky, earth. Birds in suspense or shooting stars like sudden thoughts, repetitive. Falls of light and nights, from white to indigo, from visible to invisible. From eclipse to enlightenment.


Forms evolve. Transparent silhouettes in movement, fragile and strong, man is melting in his environment, migrates, and becomes a bird in inner sea.


Childhood is light, deep, and moving like water. It takes us back to the essential.


Thoughts are superimposing themselves. Each one finds his emotion and brings his history, is losing himself and finding himself. Time is running and stays inside us.

The light is coming to us charged with universe.

My work is like a wave in movement which goes and come back, stretches and rolls over, comes back, writes, wipes off, rewrite and wipe off again, inhale, exhale, duplicates, emerges and disappears, remembers and disappears, memorizes and forgets, veils and unveils, takes from and gives to the past, present and future.

I aspire to superimpose the times and places, to play with memory, light, blur. I look at depth, space and movement, research positions into vibrations, project, and close up, take off, open and give air.

It is an inner wave, a light which was, will be, is in a same found time to find out and always continue to look for. The work gives itself technique and historic and contemporary photographic processes, painting, video, manipulations.

I aspire to suggest the emotional or physical passage from one state to another. It is a trip, a vision, a move in time and space at different levels of consciousness. Small in this great emptiness man in evolution belongs to the universe, is reflecting in itself like a mirror of water.




Stéphanie Malossane 2015. www.stephanie-malossane.com



« The moon garden of beings » When working on « moons », Stephanie Malossane asks herself about the place of man in the universe and nature, and investigates the notion time-space, material, consciousness and colours, memory, projection. In a universe always in expansion where the planets are getting far from each other, the human becomes tiny in this immense emptiness. He is travelling in time an space on different levels of consciousness . Man does not escape from the universe, he belongs to him. He melts and reflects himself on it like on a mirror of water. It is the reflexion of the « material « man born from star dust and « creator » movement from ancient origin. These beings are dependant from their environment, in fusion with nature and the elements. When they are conscious of their participation to the evolution of the univers, they become cosmic . They must for this effectuate an exploration of their inner space in order to go beyond their outer space. Their consciousness are surelevated. They act with nature, do not dominate it anymore. Thy become « spirits ». The moon garden of being is trying to reflect the place of these beings in the universe.



Stéphanie Malossane presents a collection of photographs in limited editions on the “Blur and sea” theme. She is reflecting on the different values of blur in painting and photography. Her attention is focused the translation of pictorial blur in photography. She makes the praise of inaccuracy by attributing to it a positive value. Indeed to erase the details allows to concentrate on the main subject and to approach the real in all his depth. Like in painting Stéphanie Malossane is working on superimposition and transparency. She aspires to suggest notions of vibrations, sounds and interpretation of forms. These are resonance, echo which activate the levels of memory on the canvas, by fixing and moving at the same time the superimposition of time, present, past, and future.

These vibrations give birth to thoughts, which are multiplying, unlimited reflections leading to infinite. Once the limits become blurred, space is created. It is an opening to the world. The veil of mist finishes by unveiling us, act on our consciousness and unconsciousness becomes an echo of our commotion.  That we lose ourselves or find ourselves in the blur, the passage remains dreamlike and poetic to join the invisible.